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We directly produce the products at our affiliated companies to always maintain the high quality of our major productions.  Our raw materials are made out of the resources that undergo strict and thorough inspections.  



The processing of Hengzheng valves is done in CNC line for accurate production and the processing machineries and lines are composed by our accumulated technology for the characteristics and purposes of each item.  Each production line is always tested and inspected by skilled inspectors to prevent possible problems or defects for the production of perfect products.  




Starting from the processing of raw materials, we implement thorough chemical testing and process each procedure thoroughly and strictly to produce semi-completed products.  These are assembled by skilled technicians and the completed products under go strict tests, including 100% pressure and leakage testing, size testing, non-destructive testing and eye testing.  Also, the products are test-operated in the simulations that are identical to actual situations to become more perfect and high-quality products.




We acquired the world’s most authoritative certifications from the authorities, such as ISO Fire Test, to maintain perfect qualities.  Also, we guarantee our quality by always producing reliable products that meet the requirements of the authorities.
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