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Forged Steel Valves are used in Oil Refining and other industrial applications where forged steel material is required. Higher pressures and temperatures are involved and the line size is generally under the size of "2". In other conditions, forged steel valve might be a good choice for better performance, such as system requirements for socket-weld piping and compatibility of media.

No. Products name Download
FS-Gate Forged Steel Gate Valve Download
Z0004 Gate Valve 800Lb Download
Z0006 Presure-seal Gate Valve 900Lb~2500Lb Download
Z0005 Gate Valve 900Lb~1500Lb Download
FS-Globe Forged Steel Globe Valve Download
J0004 Globe Valve 900Lb~500Lb Download
J0005 Presure-seal Globe Valve 900Lb~2500Lb Download
J0003 Globe Valve 800Lb Download
FS-Check Forged Steel Check Valve Download
H0005 Piston Check Valve 900Lb~1500Lb Download
H0004 Piston Check Valve 800Lb Download
H0006 Swing Check Valve 800Lb,900Lb~1500Lb Download
H0007 Pressure-seal Swing Check Valve 900Lb~2500Lb Download
H0008 Pressure-seal Piston Check Valve 900Lb~2500Lb Download
FS-Y Type Forged Steel Y Type Valve Download
J0006 Y Type Globe Valve 800Lb Download
H0009 Y Type Piston Check Valve 800Lb Download
J0007 Pressure-seal Y Type Globe Valve 900Lb~2500Lb Download
FS-Cryogenle Forged Steel Cryogenle Valve Download
Z0007 Cryogenic Gate Valve 800Lb Download
J0008 Cryogenic Globe Valve 800Lb Download
FS-Extended Forged Steel Extended Body Valve Download
Z0008 Extended Body Gate Valve 800Lb Download
FS-Bellows Forged Steel Bellow Sealed Valve Download
J0009 Bellow Sealed Globe Valve 800Lb Download
FS-Flanged Forged Steel Integral Flanged End Valve Download
H0010 Flanged End Check Valve 150Lb~600Lb Download
Z0009 Flanged End Gate Valve 150Lb~600Lb Download
Z0010 Flanged End Gate Valve 900Lb~1500Lb Download
Z0011 Flanged End Pressure Seal Gate Valve 900Lb~2500Lb Download
H0012 Flanged End Pressure-seal Piston Check Valve 900Lb~2500Lb Download
J0010 Flanged End Globe Valve 150Lb~600Lb Download
J0011 Flanged End Globe Valve 900Lb~1500Lb Download
J0012 Flanged End Pressure-Seal Globe Valve 900Lb~2500Lb Download
H0011 Flange End Check Valve 900Lb~1500Lb Download
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