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Ball Valve are the three different types of rotary valves used in industrial plants. They are widely used in fluid-handling systems for flow control. These types of rotary valves are suitable for corrosive applications. They are used in detergent, pharmaceutical, chemical, rubber, pulp and paper plants, water treatment systems, textile mills and food processing plants, In general, ball valves offer many advantages when contrasted with other valve types. They provide superior ease of operation and can maintain and regulate high volume, high pressure and high temperature flow. Most ball valves offer rugged construction providing for a long service life, and a comparably low cost. Additionally, the design of the regulating element allows the valve to function without the complications of side loads, typical of butterfly or globe valves, and the valve design permits inspection and repair of seats and seals without removing the valves body from the pipeline.

 As the name implies, are stop valves that use a ball to stop or start the flow. The ball performs the same function as the disc in the globe valve. Ball valves are normally used in the following system: seawater, sanitary, trim and drain, air, hydraulic, and oil treatment.
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CS-Ball Ball Valve Download
Q0001 Class 150~300 Floating Ball Valve Download
Q0002 Class 150~1500 Cast Steel Trunnion Ball Valve Download
Q0003 Class 150~1500 Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valve Download
Q0004 Class800~1500 Forged Steel Ball Valve Download
Thread-Ball Thread Ball Valve Download
Q0005 One Piece Thread Ball Valve Download
Q0006 Two Piece Thread Ball Valve Download
Q0007 Three Piece Thread Ball Valve Download
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